Yearbook 2010: The Future of Responsible Investing

In 2010, following three consecutive years of publishing success, Global Sustain published its fourth album entitled "The Future of Responsible Investing". It was the 1st album published in English. The 4th Yearbook aims at:

  • highlighting the growing importance of sustainable and responsible investing world-wide;
  • publishing corporate profiles, CEO messages, success stories, case studies and best practices of leading sustainability-driven companies;
  • informing key stakeholders from around the world on the latest trends, research, indices and intelligence related to the future of responsible investing;
  • publishing messages and viewpoints of top experts, decision-makers, policy formers, investors, CEOs, analysts as well as a Nobel Peace Laureate regarding this highly-important and challenging subject.

The Yearbook 2010 "The Future of Responsible Investing" was presented in the capitals of Cyprus, Greece and the United Kingdom.

Price: EUR 25.00